Lenovo Laptop Won’t Turn On No Removable Battery ? No Problem : Tips For Troubleshooting

Lenovo Laptop Won't Turn On No Removable Battery


Encountering a Lenovo Laptop Won’t Turn On No Removable Battery. Nevertheless, fret not, as there exist numerous troubleshooting measures you can undertake to tackle this predicament. Within this article, we shall delve into some valuable tips to aid you in diagnosing and resolving the issue, ultimately reviving your Lenovo laptop back to its operational state.

Check the Power Source

When faced with an unresponsive Lenovo laptop, your initial course of action should involve inspecting the power source. Ensure that the power adapter establishes a secure connection both with the laptop and the power outlet. Additionally, it is prudent to verify the functionality of the power outlet by plugging in another device. This preliminary step will help you identify any potential power-related issues and pave the way for further troubleshooting.

Reset the Power

To resolve unresponsiveness in Lenovo laptops caused by temporary power issues, perform a power reset using these steps:

  1. Unplug the power adapter from your laptop.
  2. If your laptop has a removable battery, take it out as well.
  3. For fifteen seconds, press and hold the power button.
  4. Reattach the power adapter to your laptop, but don’t put the battery back in yet.
  5. Press the power button to turn on your laptop.
  6. If your laptop turns on and is responsive, you can put the battery back in.

For unresponsive laptops that won’t turn on, contacting the manufacturer is recommended for further assistance.

Here are some additional details about the power reset process:

  • Holding down the power button for fifteen seconds drains any residual power from your laptop’s capacitors. This can help to clear any temporary power issues that may be causing the unresponsiveness.
  • Unplugging the power adapter and removing the battery ensures that your laptop is completely powered off. This is important for performing a successful power reset.
  • Once you have performed the power reset, you can reattach the power adapter and put the battery back in. If your laptop turns on and is responsive, the power reset has successfully resolved the issue.

Perform a Hard Reset

Performing a hard reset can help resolve power-related issues with your Lenovo laptop. To hard reset a Lenovo laptop without a removable battery, disconnect the power adapter, locate the battery reset hole, use a paperclip to press the reset hole for 10 seconds, reconnect the power adapter, and press the power button. If your laptop turns on and is responsive, the hard reset has successfully resolved the issue.

Check the Display

Laptops sometimes face the puzzling challenge of a black screen despite being turned on. To troubleshoot, check the screen brightness and sleep mode settings. Wake the laptop by pressing a key or moving the mouse. Connecting an external monitor can provide additional insights. If the external monitor works, it may indicate a display-related issue to investigate further.

Test the Adapter

A faulty power adapter can prevent your Lenovo laptop from turning on. Use a multimeter to test the voltage output of the power adapter. Compare the reading with the required voltage mentioned on the adapter. If the reading is significantly lower or the adapter is not supplying any power, consider getting a replacement adapter.

Check the Charging Port

Inspect the charging port on your Lenovo laptop for any physical damage or debris. Clean the port carefully using compressed air or a soft brush to remove any dirt or dust particles. Ensure that the charging cable connects securely to the port.

Inspect the Power Button

Sometimes, a stuck or malfunctioning power button can prevent your laptop from turning on. Carefully press the power button multiple times to check for any responsiveness or abnormal clicking sounds. If you suspect a problem with the power button, it may need to be repaired or replaced.

Remove External Devices

Disconnect all external devices, such as USB drives, printers, or external monitors, from your laptop. Sometimes, a faulty external device can cause conflicts and prevent the laptop from powering on. After disconnecting the devices, try turning on the laptop again.

Check for Overheating

Overheating can cause a laptop to shut down or refuse to turn on. Check if your Lenovo laptop feels unusually hot. If it does, let it cool down for a while and ensure proper ventilation. Consider using a cooling pad or elevated stand to improve airflow around the laptop.

Update the BIOS

An outdated or corrupted BIOS (Basic Input/Output System) can cause power-related issues. Visit the official Lenovo support website and download the latest BIOS update for your laptop model. Follow the instructions provided by Lenovo to update the BIOS properly.

Check the RAM

Faulty RAM modules can prevent a laptop from booting up. Turn off your Lenovo laptop, remove the battery (if applicable), and locate the RAM compartment. Carefully remove the RAM modules and reseat them firmly back into their slots. Ensure that they are properly aligned and securely seated.

Scan for Malware

Malware infections can affect the performance of your laptop, including its ability to turn on. Use a reliable antivirus program to scan your Lenovo laptop for any malware or viruses. Quarantine or remove any detected threats and then attempt to power on the laptop again.

Reinstall the Operating System

In the event that other solutions prove ineffective, reinstalling the operating system can often resolve software-related problems. Prior to proceeding, it is crucial to safeguard your essential files by creating a backup. Utilize either the official installation media or the recovery partition to reinstall the operating system on your Lenovo laptop.

Contact Technical Support

If you have tried all the troubleshooting steps and your Lenovo laptop still won’t turn on, it is recommended to contact Lenovo’s technical support for further assistance. Provide them with all the relevant information and steps you have already taken to help them diagnose the problem accurately.


Experiencing a Lenovo laptop that won’t turn on can be frustrating, but with the right troubleshooting steps, you can resolve the issue. By checking the power source, performing resets, inspecting components, and addressing software-related concerns, you can increase the chances of getting your laptop back to working condition.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. How long should I hold the power button during a hard reset?

During a hard reset, hold the power button for approximately 30 seconds to ensure a complete power discharge.

2. Can a faulty RAM module prevent a laptop from turning on?

Yes, a faulty RAM module can prevent a laptop from turning on. Reseating or replacing the RAM can help resolve the issue.

3. Should I reinstall the operating system as a last resort?

Reinstall OS as last resort. Erases data. Back up first. Virus, corrupted OS, new OS, selling/donating. Online or manual. Time-consuming. Take to tech if not comfortable.

4. What should I do if my Lenovo laptop still won’t turn on after trying all the steps?

If your Lenovo laptop doesn’t turn on after following all the troubleshooting steps, it is recommended to contact Lenovo’s technical support for further assistance.

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